August 17, 2022

Virtual Influencer Zero Speaks on the Main Stages

Sound Media Ventures' portfolio company Offbeat Media Group launched the first Virtual Influencer this year, Zero from Nexus, who streams on Twitch and other sites almost daily. Zero has appeared on stage at SxSW alongside fellow Offbeat investor Mark Cuban, and last month also spoke on the main stages of both the Cannes Innovation Festival and VidCon. In just a handful of months, Zero has amassed thousands of followers on social - and his community continues to grow weekly. He insisted on recording his own message for you here, just to say hello.

These appearances are made possible by Offbeat Media Group's innovative real-time virtual streaming technology. It is the combination of proprietary technology advancements and years of unique knowledge that allows Zero to interact live with audiences all over the world. While most of the action happens in 2D nowadays (on Twitch, YourTube, etc.), as a Virtual Influencer, Zero has an easy time jumping into metaverses as more and more of those come online in the near future.

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