December 13, 2021


SMV Fund I invested in SportsIcon's $5.5M seed round, together with some of the best investors in tech and crypto. Co-investors include Elefund, Dapper, AU21 Capital, 4RC, NAS (rapper), Chad Hurley (founder of YouTube).

London-based startup Sports Icon is building NFT experiences for sports IP (celebrities, clubs, and brands). It involves provable digital ownership of digital assets, coupled with physical VIP value. This creates a new universe for fans to engage, play, and collect. The firm combines community, culture, and sports fandom into a metaverse narrative and storytelling. NFT holders enjoy permission-based experiences (PBE’s), cinematic-quality content, and secondary NFT marketplace liquidity opportunities.

A perfect example of this is SportsIcon Lion Club, a collection of Lion NFTs that act as a membership card to the greatest sports club in the world (as seen on OpenSea). Floyd Mayweather just joined this project and announced a live Q&A session, accessible by members only, for January 15th. 

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