September 30, 2020

Music, Wellbeing & Technology

On October 1, we had the pleasure of participating in an event orchestrated by BPI (British Phonographic Industry) and MusicAlly.

We were joined on our panel by moderator Paul Brindley of MusicAlly, Vickie Naumann of CrossBoarderWorks, and Scott Cohen and WMG. The lively discussion focused on music in fitness and wellness and related technology innovations and business models.

On the hills of this event, BPI and MusicAlly released a research paper that explores in depth a long list of companies in the intersection of wellness and music. Sound Media Ventures’ CEO Shachar Oren is quoted in a section of the document that curates highlights from the above-mentioned panel.

We’re pleased to offer the research document for free download here, courtesy of BPI and MusicAlly.

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