March 30, 2023

Versus Launches John Wick IV Games with Lionsgate Studios

Versus Game's latest can be found at directly under the movie trailer, in the Trending section. This launch was a team effort by the wonderfully creative and capable folks at both companies. People can play five games before registering to Versus on this site. An incredible signal: 62% of people who watched one video and made one prediction went on to watch all five videos and make five predictions (answer five polls).

We are excited to share that the team just closed NFL, ABC and TV Azteca this week! These implementations exemplify Versus Game’s full transition to bespoke, B2B services. Versus no longer focuses on marketing itself as a consumer brand, and instead leverages a strong list of partnerships to drive vast engagement. The firm now focuses on growing its distribution partnerships, resulting in lower CAC costs and larger reach for what has become an iconic 1:1 popular culture betting behavior across its target demographics.

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