April 2, 2023

RoundlyX Automates Saving, Donating, Investing, and Spending

RoundlyX is now tracking over $260M worth of user portfolio value. This includes the value of user cryptocurrency, NFT, and stock holdings administered by RoundlyX users on the aggregate. The team continues to analyze the composition of user holdings to find unique features and products to add to the RoundlyX ecosystem, driving engagement and transactions.

The firm now also supports rounding change into 1,500+ leading non-profit charities such as American Cancer Society, WaterAid and SeeTurtles, as well as 1,000+ brands - including a growing list of entertainment subscription offerings (Amazon, airB2B, Uber Eats, Starbucks), financials savings and ETF solutions (Acorn), and of course the popular crypto on-ramp feature (Coinbase, Kraken, OKcoin etc.), supporting 100+ crypto assets.

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