October 23, 2020

DanceFight Wins MassChallenge Diamond Award

Congratulations to our portfolio company DanceFight for winning the penultimate prize—a $100k grant—in this year’s prestigious MassChallenge program. From among thousands of competing companies across the US, DanceFight was selected for this “Diamond” level top prize along with just three other startups.

The process took place over the course of the summer months and winners were announced yesterday, and needless to say, a big cheer went up when, at the very end of the hour-long online award presentation, they announced DANCEFIGHT to receive this $100k Diamond Award grant!!!!!

Here’s the official MassChallenge press release for the program and other awardees.

This was a competition judged by successful entrepreneurs, and this win underscores the excitement and promise DanceFight is generating for our mobile competition platform opportunity. Plus, given that the theme of this year’s MassChallenge program was companies that will make a “positive social impact”, it’s great to see the resonance and appeal of DanceFight’s safety-first, inclusive culture for our young target market.

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