September 9, 2022

Announcing Our First Virtual Showcase

Join us Tuesday, October 11 @ 12 EST for Sound Media Ventures' Fall Showcase.

For the first time ever, a Startup Showcase will be presented by a virtual celebrity when our friend Zero joins SMV's Shachar Oren to present your questions to founders.

- Six of our companies are currently raising additional funding, and we're inviting accredited investors and other VC firms to join these projects.

- Each presenting founder will pitch for a few minutes and then take a few questions.

- Presenting companies will also share opportunity details, investor decks, and videos.

RSVP now.

Presenting companies:

1 - Loupe: Loupe is the TV platform transforming how people view, experience & acquire art, including both physical and NFTs marketplace.

2 - Legitimate: Bringing Transparency to the Internet with unique, vetted information services for readers, journalists, and public figures.

3 - Forte: The fitness industry's only end-to-end live and on-demand streaming solution, bringing your gym home.

4 - Overplay: Make any video a game. Play your videos with friends and family, or share it with the world.

5 - Brickit: AI-based app brings a new way to play LEGO to 400M families across the world. Scan your cubes and automatically get model recommendations befitting your inventory.

6 - Offbeat: Building the avatar celebrities of tomorrow. The first, Zero, broadcasts on Twitch several times a week to a strong and growing following.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

RSVP now.

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